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A collage of Olympic Authority venue logos in a dark orange color with an image of an eclipse in the middle with very bright orange around the edges.
Close up of a woman wearing goggles and showing excitement to be at the Whiteface Summitt with her arm outstreached as if to show the trails and peak of Little Whiteface behind her.
Portrait of Chris Mazder taken as he walks down the luge track after finishing, carrying his sled with his helmet on
Emily Sweeney on her luge sled at the finish of a run with a big smile on her face and her hand raised in the air triumphantly.
Outdoor public skating on the Olympic speed skating oval on an early winter evening.
At the ECAC Men's Ice Hockey Championships nside the Olympic Center's 1980 Herb Brooks Arena
A four person Team USA bobsled skyrockets around a turn while spectators stand next to the track, some with cameras taking photos.
A black and white photo with wrinkle marks of a young Dmitry Feld in a fur hat in the former Soviet Union with another unidentified man in a striped shirt.
A black and white photo of a group of 8 figure skaters in a line performing an Ice Review show at the Olympic Arena in Lake Placid. c. 1930-1940.
Ski jumper in black soars through the winter air with Whiteface Mountain, a snow covered landscape, and a blue sky in the background.
Shepherd Clark and Dorothy Hamill together on black ice looking at the camera after practicing a move together.
A family with multiple generations dines and laughs together on the deck outside at Mt Van Hoevenberg.
1988 Olympic bronze medalist Debi Thomas on the ice in Lake Placid dressed in all black leading back as she glides on the ice with her arms outsreatched.
Woman in red top standing atop the summit of Little Whiteface next to the sign that reads, "Little Whiteface Elev 3678 FT with treetops and ski in the background.
Close up of black figure skates creating a pattern on black ice.
A young girl with dark hair holds up a USA branded hoodie against her as she contemplates a purchase with her mother on the right looking on.
An aerial view of Lake Placid's Olympic Center and downtown region on a bright winter day, showing the oval in front and Mirror Lake and mountains in the background.
The bridge over the road entering Mt Van Hoevenberg is pictured in sukmmer with its colored flags and the words, "Welcome to Mt Van Hoevenberg"
An Austrian male luge athlete making a turn high on the track with the Lake Placid logo appearing in the ice under him.
A crowd cheers on women cross country skiers in a race at Mt Van Hoevenberg.
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A snowy view of the summit of Little Whiteface from the ski trail above, framed by snow covered pines.
Classic ski racers in a mass start in the stadium at Mt Van Hoevenberg.
The HS 100-meter and HS 128-meter ski jump towers on a bright winter day with the Adirondack High Peaks in the background.
Portrait of Lake Placid born and raised ski jumper Tate Frantz as he climbs the stairs, skis over his shoulder, helmet on to make a jump. Green grass in the background indicating it's a summer training jump.
The Olympic Jumping Complex HS 100 meter and HS 128 meter jumps taken from the end runs below the towers on a bright, partly cloudy winter day with a snow groomer partway up the landing hill.
Female skier in red crouches to gain speed on a trail at Mt Van Hoevenberg with snow falling and pine trees in the background.
A Team USA two person boblsed races around a banked turn at Mt Van Hoevenberg with the Lake Placid logo in the ice under the sled.
Artist's rendering of the new Lake Placid Olympic Museum spaces
A female athlete begins her run on the indoor bobsled push track at Mt Van Hoevenberg.
A group of 46 ice skaters stands on the speedskating oval facing the camera for a portrait celebrating World Ice Skating Day 2022.
New Olympic Center icon in light blue superimposed repeatedly over a blue background.
The new Olympic Jumping Complex icon in light blue superimposed repeatedly over a blue background.
The new Mt Van Hoevenberg icon in light blue superimposed repeatedly over a blue background.
New WF icon in light blue superimposed repeatedly over a blue background.
New venue logos for the Lake Placid Legacy Sites
A St. Lawrence University women's ice hockey player breaks away and brings the puck close to the opposing net during competition.
Performers in colorful wardrobe stand at center ice with their arms in the air at the end of their performance in the 1932 Jack Shea Arena.
Exterior view of the Olympic Center and the 1980 Herb Brooks Arena early evening with LED lights from the James C. Sheffield Speed Skating Oval
The Olympic Jumping Complex in Fall
Female figure skater kneels on ice looking upward with hands in the air during a performance, at the Lake Placid Olympic Center
ski jumping fills much of the frame as he soars through the air high above the fall foliage in the background at the Olympic Jumping Complex.
Lake Placid local freeski athlete Kaylen Reiley takes to the air and performs a grab with only the cloudy skies as a backdrop
Norfolk siblings in 2022 standing together in a fall forest
Wooden sign on the East Mountain Trail pointing the direction to the Mt Van Hoevenberg summit
Pairs skaters performing on ice in the Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships and International.
Zoe and Leland Carpenter hero
Olympic pairs figure skaters Kaitlin Hawayek and Jean-Luc Baker skate on the ice at the 1932 Jack Shea Arena inside the Olympic Center in Lake Placid
ski jumper in crouched position zooming down the jump ramp in summer
Artist's rendering of the new Lake Placid Olympic Museum spaces
Aerial view of downtown Lake Placid with Mirror Lake in the foreground and mountains in the background
A tight group of three short track speedskaters battle for position around the turn.
Close up view of Marchese skate boots with blades on and ice surface
Bridge at entrance to Mt Van Hoevenberg in summer with flags
Smiling family at Belleayre Mountain Summit with a green summer backdrop
Runners on the trails of Mt Van Hoevenberg
Gore Mountain's Northwoods Gondola rising over the Autumn landscape
Skiers riding the chairlift while underneath a skier descends moguls at Gore Mountain, NY
Woman and child smiling and exciting as they ride Mt Van Hoevenberg's Cliffside Coaster with the green trees of summer in the background
Logo sign with snow at Mt Van Hoevenberg, Lake Placid
New Whiteface Cloudsplitter Gondola
Hockey player and camper at the Miracle On Ice Fantasy Camp in 2019
Skier at Gore Mountain in spring
smiling skier in goggles
Short track speedskating athletes race around the 1932 Jack Shea Arena at the Olympic Center in Lake Placid
Young male speedskaters at the US Short Track National Championships in Lake Placid, April 2022
Adults and children climbing indoors at the new Climbing Center at Mt Van Hoevenberg
Bobsled on track at Mt Van Hoevenberg in Lake Placid, NY
FISU World University Speedskating Championship skater
Short Track Speedskating athletes
Competitors in the men's race of the US Biathlon National Championships - Athletes and Olympians in Lake Placid
Ski jumper at FIS Continental Cup competition in Lake Placid, March 2022 -Olympic Jumping Complex Rejuvenated

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