With renewed & modernized venues comes a new era of events and experiences, all of it with new retail opportunities to cherish the memories and all of it part of the Olympic Authoritys bold new future.

It’s no secret Lake Placid’s Olympic legacy permeates the entire region. You can feel it everywhere. The 1932 and 1980 Games still echo through our village and in the surrounding Adirondack High Peaks.

A woman in a winter jacket stands at the cashier inside the Brookside Apparel store at Whiteface, surrounded by diverse merchandise.
Brookside Apparel in the base lodge at Whiteface.

With loads of activities year-round, the Lake Placid Legacy Sites beg to be explored. And now, each also offers unique selections of memorabilia, gear, and souvenirs to make your experience even more memorable. So when you visit, don’t miss these distinctive chances to find your favorite keepsake and take home your own little piece of this remarkable history.


Whiteface is a mammoth mountain and home to the greatest vertical drop of any ski resort east of the Rockies. It’s an Olympic venue that transforms the average getaway into something especially memorable. No snow required!

Skiers and riders know it and love it for winter fun. But that fun never fades, even when the temperature rises, because with the Cloudsplitter Gondola, disc golf, and the historic and incredibly scenic Veterans’ Memorial Highway to the top of the mountain, there’s fun and adventure at Whiteface all year round.

Colorful shelves of merchandise from sweaters to hats to stuffed animals , books, and art inside the Castle Gift Shop.
Shelves of diverse merchandise at the Castle Gift Shop at the top of the Veterans’ Memorial Highway on Whiteface Mountain.

And that makes Brookside Apparel a perfect stop. It’s a shop that is positively brimming with stylish gear from some of the hottest mountain apparel skiers and outdoor enthusiasts love – brands like Burton, Obermeyer, Scott, Salomon, and more. You’ll find not only genuine ski gear, exclusive Whiteface apparel, and the necessities one needs on the mountain but also many other charming treasures to have and to hold and remember your moments on the mountain.

But wait! During the summer, there’s also the Castle Gift Shop available at the top of the Veterans’ Memorial Highway. If you’re making the drive up this treasured roadway, the Castle is literally rocking with a lineup of outerwear, sweatshirts, hats, trail signs, mugs, books, and more.

Plus, at both Brookside Apparel and the Castle Gift Shop, season pass holders always save 10% on every retail purchase as part of your passholder perks!

Olympic Center

A mother on the left side of the frame holds up a USA branded hoodie with her daughter on the right admiring it and reaching out to touch the fabric.
There is a wide selection of Team USA and Lake Placid gear inside Miracle Moments in the Olympic Center.

Known by many as the headquarters of history, the Olympic Center in downtown Lake Placid is a monument to everything this village stands for. There are so many iconic moments this landmark is famous for, it’s impossible to name them all. There was local speedskater Jack Shea’s legendary Gold medal win, the first of the 1932 Games, and the first time a podium was ever used in an Olympics. There was Norwegian phenome Sonja Henie’s Gold medal performance in those same Games. There was also the astounding five Gold medal wins by speedskater Eric Heiden. And, of course, the biggest moment in sports in the 20th Century, the unforgettable Miracle on Ice.

Today, just next to the all-new Lake Placid Olympic Museum that immortalizes all these achievements, there is a new Miracle Moments store. Inside awaits a treasure trove of exclusive gear, memorabilia, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, fleeces, jerseys, pins, books, posters, and more. Whether you’re there to see an event or to soak in the historic vibes, Miracle Moments is a great place to find your own little piece of history to take home.

Mt Van Hoevenberg

The open entrance to the SWIX store with the SWIX sign above with an orange background and merchandise within.
The SWIX concept store at Mt Van Hoevenberg is the only one in the nation.

There’s simply no other place like it on Earth. Mt Van Hoevenberg is a secluded oasis that’s also home to a spectacularly unique combination of sports and recreation, all steeped in adrenaline, adventure, and a fascinating Olympic history. This incredible combination of elements brings athletes from all over the world to train in both winter and summer. With phenomenal cross-country skiing, indoor climbing, hiking and running, bobsled and luge rides, the nation’s only indoor refrigerated bobsled and skeleton start track, and even a summertime discover biathlon program for anyone to try out the sport, this is a place you can relish your own unlimited adventures all while world-class athletes are training at the same facilities.

Tucked just up the stairs inside the venue’s beautiful new lodge is the nation’s only SWIX concept store. On the main level off the entrance, you’ll also find Mountain Pass Mercantile. Two great shops just a few steps away from one another.

A young girl smiling at the camera donning her new Cliffside Coaster hoodie inside the Mountain Mercantile store with merchandise in the background.
Mountain Mercantile offers a wide range of goods, including many branded team gear and other logo wear you cannot find anywhere else.

SWIX offers a stunningly fashionable collection of outdoor gear. If you’re a Nordic skier or just need to stay warm in the winter, there are gorgeous and highly functional finds to be had here. Mountain Pass Mercantile features an equally exclusive but decidedly different array of mountain adventure gear. Plus, a super sweet collection of souvenirs, logo gear, sports memorabilia, jackets, shirts, mugs, hats, books, pins, patches, and a lot more. They even have otherwise-impossible-to-find merchandise from USA Bobsled and Skeleton, USA Luge, and USA Hockey, featuring brands like Cotopaxi, Rumpl, Camelback, Suncloud, Stormtech, and more.

Enjoy Mt Van Hoevenberg’s dazzling array of adventures while also delighting in some of the coolest gear and collectibles on the planet.

Olympic Jumping Complex

It doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you are, we all marvel at Lake Placid’s iconic ski jump towers. Those imposing structures at the Olympic Jumping Complex are awe-inducing, powerfully distinctive features of our local landscape and a fascinating place to visit.

A shopper holds up a green Lake Placid coffee mug for a close up. The mug has an image on it of the four logos of the Lake Placid Legacy Sites.
Find your favorite little treasure inside the Olympic Jumping Complex Gift Shop. 

The history of this venue is equally captivating. Now, you can celebrate these jumps and their incredible history with little treasures from the Gift Shop in the Intervales Lodge. Inside you’ll find locally crafted products that highlight the natural beauty and cultural richness of the Adirondack Mountains, plus Olympic memorabilia and even charming little items for gift-giving.

Whether you’re there to experience the excitement of ski jumping competition or to soak in the spectacle of some of the world’s best athletes in training or just to feel the vibe and see the spectacular scenery from the top of the jump towers, the gift shop will be an extra source of fascination you won’t want to miss.

Your Four Opportunities

Within Lake Placid’s four decidedly different Olympic venues, four distinctive opportunities await for you to find a little treasure to remember it all by. Each of these shops offer distinctive Adirondack gifts, unique treasures, and exclusive keepsakes. That way, on a visit to Lake Placid, you’re not only sure to make memories to last a lifetime but also find something of your very own to cherish just as long.