History of the Lake Placid Legacy Sites


People live in the present, so why bother with the past?

Consider this: Lake Placid’s history is not only unique and goose-bump-inducing but also capable of inspiring our human spirit in ways that can ignite dreams and reveal new potential in our lives.

That’s because the stories of journeys and dreams and triumphs have an extraordinary way of showing us possibilities in ourselves. Possibilities we may have never considered. In sports and in every other facet of our lives.

Rising from pure wilderness to today’s global leader in sport, recreation, and tourism, Lake Placid is home to inspiring tales of trailblazing people and their uncommon achievements. It’s like no other place on Earth.

We are still a small mountain village, even today. One that remains true to our beginnings. We are now also a small village with an Olympic Legacy spanning many decades and one that continues to advance greatness in new generations of athletes, leaders, entrepreneurs, and people in all walks of life. With our venues revitalized and setting the new world standard, we now enter a bold new era, and today, reflecting on our past is more meaningful and moving than ever.

We invite you to explore our past in the links on this page. Take time as well to visit our Lake Placid Olympic Museum where you’ll find interactive exhibits and an immersive experience. It’s a place where our history comes alive and prompts us all to think, imagine, and dream in ways we may never have before.