How do you define romantic? Dictionary definitions of the word have it pertaining to things “that show strong feelings and emotions.”

It may, however, be better defined not through words but by experiences. Big experiences. The kind you have with someone you love. The kind that makes you gleeful, giddy, delighted, like you just won Olympic gold.

For big romantic moments here in the Olympic Region, you don’t necessarily need gifts or a candle lit dinner. The Cloudsplitter Gondola at Whiteface Mountain offers a distinctively different romantic experience.

A couple inside a gondola cabin high on Whiteface Mountain on a summer day with forest and mountains in the background. During the winter, summer, and fall, the Cloudsplitter Gondola combines epic scenery with the excitement of soaring up a mountainside in a private cabin. The fun starts at the Whiteface Mountain base lodge, where the Cloudsplitter Gondola departs for its 15-minute glide up the mountain. The glass-enclosed gondola cabin offers big Adirondack views in every direction.

Once you arrive at the top, you’re on the summit of Little Whiteface. Here, you can dial down any urge to hurry and simply enjoy the mountain at your leisure. Soak up the views and the sunshine. Relax on a bench on the expansive wooden platform overlook. Get to know the peaks and landscape through the large binoculars installed there. Take in the wayfinding displays that help you identify the features of the vast wilderness around you. And don’t miss the chance to explore up close the mountain’s gorgeous flora and fauna.

You might also take time to take in a few things others don’t always notice. One is the plaque dedicating Whiteface Mountain to the soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division. It’s made up of a plaque mounted on a rock from Mt. Belvedere in Italy where the 10th Mountain Division heroically fought in 1945. Another is the short but exquisite path into the forest on the left side between the gondola and the viewing platform. This little trail makes a short dive into the woods and serves up a little side adventure with enormous views.

Woman in sunglasses looks out the window of a gondola cabin on her way up the mountain with green trees and mountains in the background.Your adventure doesn’t have to end there, however, because after the return trip to the base of the mountain, there is also Legends – a hot spot to enjoy a meal together. Also at the base lodge, pop into Brookside Apparel to find cool outdoor gear, souvenirs, and special gifts to remember your day with.

The Cloudsplitter Gondola is a wonderful way for people of all abilities to see and experience an Adirondack summit with stunning views. No hiking skills needed. Just bring your enthusiasm, your sense of wonder, and your favorite person.

And if you’re planning to visit other Olympic sites, consider an Olympic Sites Passport. The one-time purchase gets you discounted access to all sites, a cool badge to wear, and discounts at food and retail locations. One of those additional sites is the Olympic Jumping Complex, and we can confirm the views from way up there are pretty romantic, too.