flying off a mountain on skis!

Two-time Olympic ski jumper Sarah Hendrickson is no stranger to soaring through the skies. She’s been taking flight for 15 years, jumping from dizzying heights and sliding downhill at staggering speeds. Going from 0 to 60 mph in three seconds, ski jumping is not for the faint of heart. Strap on, it’s a thrilling (bone-chilling) ride.

olympic jumping complex tour

At the Olympic Jumping Complex, visitors will get an up-close and personal tour of the ramps that ski jumpers launch themselves from before flying over the length of a football field. Ride the chairlift up to the base of the towers, then take the glass-enclosed elevator to the observation deck of the K-120 meter jump. At the top, you’ll find panoramic views of the Adirondack High Peaks as you stroll through the ski jumpers’ preparation room, while taking in a bird’s eye view of what the jumpers see as they start to accelerate towards the end of the ramp.

The Olympic Jumping Complex is open year-round to both visitors and athletes alike. Wondering how the athletes can jump without snow? With the help of some pretty clever technology, ski jumpers take flight throughout the summer, speeding down jumps surfaced with half-cut porcelain marbles and plastic shingles and slicked by a coat of water. Your visit to the Olympic Jumping Complex also includes access to the freestyle training facilities, getting you up close to some of the most daring athletes around. One skier after the next will speed down the hill, rocket up the ramp and pull off a flurry of twists, flips and spins directly in front of—and above—you and your family. There’s no better way to see one of the Olympics’ coolest sports! This activity and many others are FREE with your Olympic Sites Passport!