my hometown. my lake placid traditions.

I have many “traditions” in Lake Placid but my top four include:

  1. Lunch or a drink at The Cottage (located on Mirror Lake and owned by my parents). For me, it is a great place
    to unwind as my life at home can becomes hectic. Every once in a while, if possible, I try to sneak away with my wife and just take it all in. It feels like what Lake Placid should be; warm, cozy and welcoming.
  2. Spending time on Lake Placid as well as the surrounding lakes. One of my passions, ever since I was a little kid, is fishing and the area lakes are great for that. One of the best parts of the Adirondacks is the amount of water and even if it’s just a family cruise, I love to be out there.
  3. Hiking. My Mom started us out hiking at a really young age and that has stuck with me as I’ve grown up. I really enjoying tackling the High Peaks but equally love venturing off the trail with my dog to explore secret spots.
  4. Skiing. Obviously, skiing is a big part of my life and for me, there is no place in the world like Whiteface Mountain. Whiteface is not only very challenging, but also very family friendly, which is how my brothers and I got into the skiing.

Andrew with his wife, Denja, by a mountain
Andrew with his wife, Denja

Andrew fishing with black lab on a boat
Andrew out on the water fishing

carrying lake placid with me.

I’m very proud to be from Lake Placid and I try my best to project that while I’m on the road. When people ask where I’m from, I generally start out by saying New York to which I get pretty curious looks. Once I explain the “New York” that I come from, it clears up the confusion. I get great satisfaction being able to carry the Lake Placid tradition with me and I value sharing where I’m from with others.

Andrew poses in front of The Cottage in Lake Placid, NY
Andrew poses in front of The Cottage in Lake Placid, NY

becoming a father.

Competing is still business as usually except now I have an even better reason to try to be my best. My life goal is to bring up my daughter the best way that I can. I also plan to finish college after I’m done skiing.

lessons learned as a middle child.

My brothers have been my closest friends since I was a little boy. I think that because I’m a middle child, I’m a mix of my older and younger brother, which suits what I do very well. I also think it made me a bit diplomatic, which has been very useful while living on the road with some very interesting personalities.

Andrew Weibrecht holding fish
Andrew Weibrecht fishing
Andrew Weibrecht with wife, Denja, and daughter, Addy
Andrew Weibrecht with wife, Denja, and daughter, Addy


Headshot of Andrew Weibrecht holding olympic medal with American flag

Andrew Weibrecht is a member of the US Ski Team. His most notable accomplishments include winning a bronze medal for Super G in 2010 at the Vancouver Olympics and winning the Super G silver medal in 2014 in Sochi.

Andrew was born on February 10, 1986 and grew up in Lake Placid, New York. He is one of five siblings and was inspired by his older brother, Jonathan, to start skiing when he was five years old. In his younger years, he raced with the New York Ski Education Foundation at Whiteface Mountain and went on to attend Dartmouth College. Andrew and his wife Denja recently welcomed a baby girl named Addy.

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