View of the Olympic Jumping Complex in Winter

In the Shadows of Giants...

Ski jumping showcases, competitions, and athlete training is at the core of the Olympic Jumping Complex. At the Lake Placid Ski Jumps, you can watch ski jumpers fly the length of a football field or aerialists flip and spin in the air from the deck of the Intervales Base Lodge. Then, experience the thrill of the ziplines located next to the 100 meter ski jump, emulating the rush of ski jumping at speeds up to 30 miles per hour.

High speeds aren’t all that the Olympic Jumping Complex has to offer.

There’s the brand new Skyride, an eight-passenger pulse gondola to transport you up to the base of the ski jumping towers. From there is the newly-remodeled scenic elevator that takes you to the sky deck of the 128 meter ski jump. With its glass exterior, the ride-up gives a stunning bird’s-eye view of the Adirondack High Peaks. At the top, the sky deck offers 360-degree panoramic views of Lake Placid—the kind that would usually require an hour-long hike up a mountain—all accessible in just a 30-second elevator ride.