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Gold Medal Games

Weddings. Winter sports club outings. Corporate retreats. Family reunions. Industry conferences. School trips. No matter what kind of group you’re traveling with (or to) the Lake Placid Legacy Sites have accessible group activities that are perfect for each and every scenario. Want to fly down the bobsled track with your boss in tow? We’ve got it covered. Looking for a biathlon challenge with your entire family? No problem. Itching for a scenic gondola ride with your significant other and your wedding party? Easy.


Plan Your Group Outing!

At the Lake Placid Legacy Sites, we’re not just good at planning group activities; we’re great at it. Trust us when we say we’ve got some experience –nearly 90 years of it. Is your group 20 people or larger? You’re eligible for a discount!



Since 1982, the New York State Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) has overseen the care and promotion of Lake Placid’s Olympic venues. Our mission is two-fold – to ensure that these venues remain state-of-the-art sports complexes for each new generation of aspiring Olympians and to welcome anyone interested in learning about, or actively participating in winter sports, to enjoy our unique facilities. We are committed to the preservation of our heritage and welcome the world to enjoy our sports complexes year-round. View all of the Gold Medal Games offerings below to explore your many options of fulfilling you and your group’s Olympic experience.



Plan Your Group Outing With Lake Placid Legacy Sites!

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