New Olympic Speed Skating Oval


At the Lake Placid Legacy Sites, we’re committed to continuing the Olympic Legacy. It’s been our goal to create an environment unlike any other for all who visit the Legacy Sites. We’ve been busy doing just that.

In 2020 we added some new signature attractions to build upon an already exceptional experience. Some of those activities included a Skyflyer Zipline and Skyride Gondola at the Olympic Jumping Complex, a high-speed Cliffside Coaster at the Olympic Sports Complex, and a host of other improvements to our facilities and structures.

Starting in February  2021, extensive renovations began at the Olympic Center to modernize and improve the 1932 & 1980 Rinks, The Olympic Speed Skating Oval & more. A host of other improvements are constantly being implemented. You can expect the future of the Lake Placid Legacy Sites to be just as bright, exciting, and vibrant as its past!


Olympic Center Renovation FAQs

  • What areas of the Olympic Center are currently getting work done and what does that work entail?
    • The Olympic Center’s 1980 & 1932 Rinks, as well as the Refrigeration Plant, are undergoing a major revitalization to prepare the facility for the University games and beyond.
    • The project includes:
      • 1980 and 1932 Arenas – The Arenas project consists of varying levels of renovation in all of the ’80 and ‘32 hockey locker rooms, replacing all of the public restrooms, renovating concessions stands, hospitality suites and renovating the general concourse area of 1980 Herb Brooks Arena. The remaining seats that haven’t been replaced will be replaced and ADA seating will be added. All of the HVAC in the 1980 rink will be replaced as well.  The 1980 and 1932 rinks have also recently been retrofitted with new boards that allow the rinks to be set at either international width or NHL width and the 1980 rink lighting system was recently upgraded to broadcast level LED dynamic RGB sport lighting.
      • Refrigeration Plant – The Refrigeration Plant replacement will be the first major renovation to the refrigeration system since it was originally built for the 1980 Olympics. The new system will have approximately 25% more cooling capacity while being more energy-efficient overall. These improvements should allow us the stretch the outdoor oval season a bit longer and help make maintaining the indoor rinks in the summer easier. The new system will also be using a more environmentally friendly refrigerant.
  • Will the Lake Placid Olympic Museum and Olympic Center Store be open while construction progresses?
    • The Lake Placid Olympic Museum and the Olympic Center Store will open in an interim space during construction, on the second level of the Conference Center. Our Museum is the second largest collection of winter Olympic artifacts in the world. The museum displays won’t be as extensive during construction, but there is still ample opportunity for guests to add to their Lake Placid experience and discover stories about the heritage of the Olympic Games.
  • What will this construction mean overall for the Olympic Center?
    • ORDA’s venues have undergone exciting improvements over the last several years.  The Olympic Center and its refrigeration system are 1930s and 1970s vintage, and this construction offers the opportunity to bring our facilities into compliance with updated competition, code, and ADA standards.  We will operate more efficiently, use less energy, and provide a much-improved experience to all guests.
  • Will skating be available?
    • The USA Rink will be operating throughout the project so ice time will still be available.
  • What are the approximate deadlines for the projects?
    • The 1932 rink will be finished by November 1, the 1980 Rink near Christmas, and the new refrigeration before the new year of 2022.  We look forward to welcoming the World University Games in January 2023.