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Cliffside Coaster

A rider takes the scenic Cliffside Coaster in the Summer

As the winter season is fast approaching here in the Adirondacks, we’re experiencing more variable weather which may include windy days and chillier temps. We recommend all Cliffside Coaster riders dress warmly, including winter-weight layers, hats, gloves, and even ski goggles—not required, but certainly something you’re welcome to bring on a chillier day!

Bold New Future Brings New Shopping Experiences

A young girl with dark hair holds up a USA branded hoodie against her as she contemplates a purchase with her mother on the right looking on.

With renewed & modernized venues comes a new era of events and experiences, all of it with new retail opportunities to cherish the memories and all of it part of the Olympic Authority’s bold new future. It’s no secret Lake Placid’s Olympic legacy permeates the entire region. You can feel it everywhere. The 1932 and… Read more »

Summer Activities Schedule

Woman and child smiling and exciting as they ride Mt Van Hoevenberg's Cliffside Coaster with the green trees of summer in the background

Mt Van Hoevenberg and Olympic Jumping Complex Summer Attractions and Activities Schedule New York State’s Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) announces opening dates and times for summer activities at the Mt Van Hoevenberg and the Olympic Jumping Complex in Lake Placid. Skyride Experience Feel the woosh of ski jumpers just feet away, launching themselves the… Read more »

Lake Placid – An International Sliding Hub

Mt. Van Hoevenberg International Sliding Hub

Capital Project Makes Lake Placid an International Sliding Hub Olympic hopefuls from around the world say the Mt. Van Hoevenberg facilities feel like a second home (Story written by Aaron Todd and re-posted with permission) When it comes to bobsled training in Lake Placid, John Napier has seen it all. He started training at the… Read more »